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In Genesis chapter 5, there is a list of names. Let’s look at them in the light of Jesus.

Adam – Mankind

Seth – Substituted

Enos – Mortal, a man, singular or collectively, suffering man

Cainan – Fixed, Possessor

Mahalaleel – Praise of God

Jared – Descent

Enoch – Initiated

Methuselah – Man who is of God

Lamech – Overthrown

Noah – Rest

These meanings were drawn from Strong’s concordance an a Bible dictionary. They are a forerunner of Jesus. A mortal man, a suffering man substituted for mankind (for the sin of Adam passed onto generations). This man (Jesus) possessed praise of God. He descended into hell (Acts 2:31) and took away the keys of death and hell (Revelation 1:18) from satan. He was initiated as the firstfruits of the resurrection, the God-Man who rose from the grave. This Man who is of God overthrew the work of satan. His work brings rest to mankind to those who will receive it. (John 1:12)

Names are important. They were much more important in Hebrew times than they are considered today. Sometimes people pick non edifying names for their children. In Hebrew times, names were considered prophetic of the destiny of the child. Names were considered so important that God himself changed the name of Abram to Abraham and Sarai to Sarah in order that the promise of a son would come to pass. John the Baptist was named by a message from an angel. Gabriel told Mother Mary that the name of her child would be Jesus.

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